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👩💼👨💼 Do you do your consulting duties?

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📞 Report commercial information to your manager.

📝 Participate in a technical study on a pre-sale or in the writing of a response to a call for business opportunities.

🗣️ Help your manager select the best consultant for a mission.

🤝 Recruit a colleague.

📄📄📄 Centralize the Activity Reports of consultants.

🎙️ Know how to define your job description.

🧙♂️ Share your experience with less experienced consultants.

💁♀️ Help other consultants in their dealings with headquarters.

👌 Know how to explain your job in three simple sentences.

📡 Set up a technological watch device.

💪 Self-train on an aspect of your job.

✍️ Publish articles on your job.

👨🏫 Organize a training session.

👍 Demonstrate the tangible benefits of your work.

🌐 Be part of an organization (club, association, community…) whose theme is related to your work.

📺 Know how to explain the different offers of the company.

🔮 Know the medium-term strategy of the management.

📈📉 Be aware of market trends.

🍻 Socialize with your colleagues outside of work.

👔 Take care of your dress code.


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