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Discover a thing that maybe you do that puts you down and damages your career, and learn how the Java Champion☕🏆 Oleg Šelajev deals with it.

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🔄️Continuously reflect on what you are doing and where you are in your career path.

->The community, the tools change,

-> So detach yourself from your past performance reviews

->And look if you have to move into something different: new framework, new topic: machine learning...

-> It will help you to stay relevant and not get stuck at a job you dislike

-> It will help you to do what you love

🧠How to change of mindset

-> People are afraid of change

-> Don't be afraid to assess your last year

-> We are humans, sometimes we do not have productive times

-> If you have a difficult time, don't be afraid to speak to a professional (therapist) or a community friend

🧪🐋To start with test containers:

-> Learn basic concepts, API, and best practices

-> Follow Oleg to know more: 🐦

🧪🐋 #testcontainers in a #java ☕ #springboot 🍃 project