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Difference between Spike🗡, Enabler🔌, and POC👩‍🔬

· scrum

A spike, an enabler, and a POC are different activities used in agile software development to explore, validate, or demonstrate various aspects of a product or a system. Here is a summary of each term:


A spike 🗡 is a time-boxed technical investigation that is done to gain the knowledge necessary to estimate, design, or implement a feature or a requirement. A spike does not produce any working code or product, but rather a piece of information or a recommendation that can be used for further planning or decision-making.


An enabler 🔌 is a general term for any work that supports the development of the product or the system, such as exploration, architecture, infrastructure, research, design, and prototyping. An enabler can produce a working code or product, but its main purpose is to enable or facilitate the delivery of other features or requirements. An enabler can also reduce the risk or uncertainty of a technical approach or a solution.


A POC 👩‍🔬 (Proof of Concept) is a set of work efforts that aim to demonstrate or validate the feasibility, functionality, or performance of a system or a solution. A POC produces a working code or product, which is usually not refined or optimized for production. A POC can be used to test the viability of the cost-efficiency of an idea, a design, or an approach before investing more resources or effort into it.


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