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🅰️🚦➡️⚛️ Did Signals Just Land in React?

"Signals" are used to manage client-side state, and recent developments suggest they could be useful in React.

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Last week, Daishi Kato (creator of Waku) released use-signals which aims to demonstrate how Signals can work in React.

🧑‍💻 Snippet 👇👇👇

☝️ Signals are fundamentally different from React’s useState:

1️⃣ useState is a hook provided by React for managing state within functional components and allows you to declare a state variable and a function to update that variable.

2️⃣ Signals are event listeners or observers for handling asynchronous events or changes in data that occur outside of the component’s immediate control. As such, there’s no “setter” function defined in the Signal declaration. Whereas, with React, there is.

👩‍🏫 Conclusion:

So there you go, Signals in React are possible, and it might take some time before Signals make it into native JavaScript.

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