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DEVOPS: 'docker volume' or how to keep data between containers on/off runs 📦🐳

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1. Creating Volumes⚙

$ docker volume create data_volume

$ docker volume create  

2. Listing Volumes📃

$ docker volume ls

$ docker volume ls -f name=data

3. Inspecting Volumes🕵️‍♂️

$ docker volume inspect ca808e6fd82590dd0858f8f2486d3fa5bdf7523ac61d525319742e892ef56f59

4. Removing Volumes❌

$ docker volume rm data_volume

5. Pruning Volumes❌❌❌

$ docker volume prune

6. Starting a Container with a Volume🟢

$ docker run -v $(pwd):/var/opt/project bash:latest \

 bash -c "ls /var/opt/project"

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