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Deliberate practice the key to become an expert.

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In Leading Lean Software Development (Addison-Wesley Professional),

Mary Poppendieck notes that

“it takes elite performers a minimum of

10,000 hours of deliberate focused practice to become experts.”

Deliberate practice, is distinct from routine task completion.

It focuses on skill improvement and technique refinement through repetitive efforts.

The goal is mastery, not task completion.

Paid development aims to finish a product, while deliberate practice aims to enhance performance.

Expertise acquisition often requires around 10,000 hours of deliberate focused practice, with gradual progress over time.

Innate talent plays a limited role; dedication is crucial.

Deliberate practice involves challenging oneself with tasks just beyond current abilities, analyzing performance, and correcting errors.

It's about learning and behavior change, not just doing what one is already good at.

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