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😆👨⚕️ Computer Science Doctor

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A woman helps a man lying down on a park aisle and asks

'Any doctor here?'. 

A man passes by and says 

' I'm a doctor. What's going on?'. 

The woman says


'A heart attack!'. 

Then the man replies 

'I'm a doctor in Computer Science.' 

The woman says


'He is going to die!'. 

The man concludes by saying 


The punchline of the joke, "HeartAttackFatalException," is a play on words that blends medical terminology with computer science jargon. In computer programming, an "exception" is an event that disrupts the normal flow of a program's instructions. The term "FatalException" typically refers to a critical error that causes a program to terminate abruptly.

So, when the man identifies himself as a doctor in computer science and the woman insists the man having a heart attack is going to die, the joke's punchline comes in the form of a computer science error message: "HeartAttackFatalException." This suggests that the situation is analogous to a computer program encountering a critical error (a heart attack) from which it cannot recover, leading to termination (death). It humorously combines the seriousness of a heart attack with the technical language of computer science.