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CODING TEAM THEORY: Sprint Retrospectives 📊

=>A good Sprint Retrospective uses data.

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Retrospectives are a common practice that offer an easy way to continuously improve:

take time to reflect, as an individual or a team, on a project, action, or occurrence.

While reflecting on the goals of the sprint,

what actually happened, why it happened, and planning for what’s next,

use data to provide a more complete view on the team’s progress. 

Instead of looking just at what was built, look at how it was built.

Visualize the development process and

watch for trends in work patterns across the team and at the individual level.

A good Sprint Retrospective uses data to help people compare

what they felt happened during the sprint and

what actually happened in the sprint.

Sprint Retrospectives are about watching for and managing work patterns.

It’s about recognizing achievement, spotting bottlenecks, and debugging the development process with data.