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CODING TEAM THEORY: Bullseye Commits 🎯

=>Celebrate them!

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This pattern is relatively common in most teams,

but it often goes unrecognized 🌒: an engineer understands a problem 💡,

breaks down the project into smaller tasks 🪓,

and submits code that has little room for improvement 📦.


Most likely, not all of the commits that make up the project will be Bullseyes. 

But the ones that are, generally have a small to modest impact

and were thoroughly reviewed and approved on the first try. 🥇

Celebrate them! 🥳



In practice, Bullseye Commits can be identified by when they were submitted

in regard to the deadline ☠️, their impact, and how they were treated in the review process.

Generally, the code was started and completed in advance ⌛ of the deadline, with negligible churn.

The commit’s Impact was small to modest in size and was then thoroughly reviewed. 🕵️‍♂️

It was approved on the first try. 🎯

In Bullseye Commits, code reviews are substantive.✅💪



Recognize a clean bullseye in a stand-up 🧍‍♂️, or a simple note:🏷️

“I saw that check-in, nice job!”🗣️

Whether it’s public or private, showing that you noticed and that you care will only reinforce this pattern. 💪


If there’s an engineer who regularly makes Bullseye Commits,

it may be helpful for others to understand how they approach projects.

Ask the engineer to do a lunch 🍕 and learn, or consider asking them

to provide feedback 🤔 on another engineer’s work in the review process.