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👷‍ Code Refactoring Best Practices

· programmmer,coding

🕵️‍ Assess the Existing Codebase:

Assess your current codebase and associated tests to identify strengths and weaknesses.

🙅‍ Resist the Urge to Rewrite Everything:

Don't discard tested code; reuse it even if it seems messy to avoid redundant work and past issues.

🧩 Choose Incremental Changes:

Prefer small, incremental updates to avoid overwhelming test failures and frustration.

✅ Validate Tests After Each Update:

Ensure existing tests pass and add new ones as needed to cover changes adequately.

💡 Put Personal Preferences Aside:

Avoid refactoring for style or ego-driven reasons; focus on real issues.

🆕 Beware of Chasing New Technology:

Refactor only if a cost-benefit analysis shows substantial benefits, not just for tech trends.

🪲 Acknowledge Human Error:

Understand that code restructuring doesn't guarantee a flawless outcome.

Mistakes can still occur, and some refactoring attempts may fail.

Embrace the fact that imperfections are part of the human aspect of software development.