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🤖🎙️#chatgGPT press review 📰🗞️: ChatGPT, a great assistant that is already seducing professionals

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[Intro] The artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI has become a part of the daily routine of numerous French companies, despite its limitations.

1) ChatGPT allows for a considerable time saving.

  • 1a) It quickly produces numerous technical documents that are simple to create but extremely lengthy.
  • 1b) When coding, ChatGPT identifies anomalies that the human eye may struggle to see.
  • 1c) Although ChatGPT was only released three months ago, some professionals in France already use it daily. Its uses are multiple, including content creation, data analysis, customer assistance, as well as idea or concept generation, and the benefits provided by this now famous AI are manifold."

2) A tool not so easy to use effectively.

  • 2a) It is a real job to provide the right information to ChatGPT.
  • 2b) ChatGPT can "give a wrong answer with incredible confidence."
  • 2c) The number of requests is limited to around 30 per hour for the free version.
  • 2d) Too many simultaneous users can cause blockages.

[Outro] Will this artificial intelligence exceed its role as a great assistant?

Despite its limitations, ChatGPT proves to be of great help for their activity.

It is a complementary tool that enhances work efficiency.

But the next version of ChatGPT should be released very soon, and OpenAI promises to take it to the next level.