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ASK YOUR DEVELOPER live feedback

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As a child you surely preferred a baker offering a lollipop, but today you surely prefer a banker offering digital candy. #digitallever

The business model has shifted to "build vs die",
if you can't listen to your customer, you won't last.
How long? which features? Ask your developer.
Cross this divide between developers and business people.
Developers are perceived as a black box converting business details into code, but their creativity can go beyond this.
By sharing the problem rather than the solution to the developers, a more relevant solution can pop up.
Try also the experimental way, share a hypothesis with the developers and let them craft with the customer feedbacks till customer satisfaction.
About infrastructures, it enables developers to do their job better, letting them focus on the code. The ROI is not directly visible.
Computing has shifted from a costs center (buying laptops, licenses) to a revenue center (growing customer satisfaction), it became the core of better opportunities reaching.
Thanks to developers committed to the company roadmap design.
Finally, you could be surprised to see how your customers use your software, go visit them.