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ANGULAR 🔻: What is the purpose of the ViewChild decorator in this component class?

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Choose ONE below:

It provides access from within the component class to the ElementRef object for the

tag that has the bio template reference variable in the component's template view.

It indicates that the tag be rendered as a child of the parent view that uses this component.

It makes the tag in the template support content projection.

It makes the tag visible in the final render. If the #bio was used in the template and the @ViewChild was not used in the class, then Angular would automatically hide the

tag that has #bio on it.


The purpose of the @ViewChild decorator in the UserDetailsComponent class is to access the template reference variable #bio. The #bio is a reference to the element in the template, and the @ViewChild decorator is used to assigning the reference to the class property bio.

With the bio property, you can access the element in the component class and manipulate it directly, such as setting its text content, adding styles, or listening to events.

In summary, the @ViewChild decorator provides a way to access and manipulate elements in the template, which is especially useful in situations where you want to programmatically control the appearance or behavior of elements.