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ANGULAR TIP: For Angular Documentation 👉 Use Compodoc

· fullstack

Generate your Angular project documentation in seconds.

Compodoc comes with a lot of features. Check it out now!





😀 Angular friendly

Compodoc supports all major APIs of Angular


👐 Open-source and on npm

Use it directly in your project using npm and one script, that's it !


⌨️ Local tool

No server needed, no sources uploaded online


🎨 Beautiful themes

7 themes are available from famous documentation tools like Gitbook, Read the Docs or projects like Vagrant, Laravel, Postmark and Stripe


🔎 Search engine

Compodoc include a powerful search engine (lunr.js) for easily finding your information


👌 Responsive Design

The generated pages display very well on mobile, tablet and desktop


⚫ Dark mode support

The generated pages display very well in dark mode




# Install compodoc with npm

$ npm install -g @compodoc/compodoc

# Create a file named tsconfig.doc.json, containing "include": ["src/**/*.ts"]

# Run compodoc in your project (generated with Angular CLI for example) and serve it

$ compodoc -p tsconfig.doc.json -s