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Angular 16 improvements 💪 in May 2023

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The developers of Angular, the popular TypeScript-based web framework, are planning improvements to server-side rendering and runtime performance 🏎️ for the upcoming release of Angular 16, tentatively scheduled for May 2023.

The initial step towards this would be the implementation of non-destructive hydration 💦, which would enable the reuse of the server-side DOM and reduce the need for re-rendering.

The developers also plan to revisit Angular's reactivity 🔄️ model, introduce dependency injection debugging APIs, and explore options to improve JavaScript bundles created by Angular CLI, among other features.

The roadmap for Angular 16 also includes efforts to streamline 🚀standalone imports, new CDK primitives for building custom components and improving documentation and schematics for standalone components.

👩‍🏫 Hydration Definition:

In software development, hydration refers to the process of taking data in a serialized format (such as JSON) and converting it into a fully functional object or component. This term is commonly used in front-end web development, particularly with client-side frameworks like React or Angular, where hydration is used to take server-side rendered HTML and "hydrate" it with JavaScript code to create a fully interactive and dynamic user interface. By using hydration, the application can load faster, improve search engine optimization (SEO), and provide a better user experience.

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