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I am Vincent VAUBAN, a programmer coding Java, Spring, JavaScript, Angular applications, and assigned to development teams for industry, bank, insurance, retail.🏭🏦🛒

Every day, I code and blog on programming languages.
Blogging is a great way to teach others or explain technical concepts to laypeople.👍
I have relevant experience in Java technology:
▪️ I designed several REST APIs,
▪️ I developed Java EE web applications, and
▪️ I crafted some features of Java ERPs.
I am also an Oracle Certified Professional.✅
I did a face-to-face training course and many online courses on the Angular framework.
Now, I have two years of professional experience in developing Angular applications. 2️⃣
I dedicate part of my time to level up in soft skills like business communication and teamwork.
Communication skills are vital in any team, particularly for technical team members.👨‍💻
Concerning my school background, I've got a Master of Computer Science and Engineering.👨‍🎓

More details on www.vvauban.com 🌐