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A former teammate asked me today: "What are your long term goals?" 🤔

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He is a top-notch technical lead💪, so he has quite a good overview of the career tracks of a developer like me.

I said to him that I was not interested in management👨‍💼, there are enough people for that.

I said also that I was not interested in entrepreneurship🚀 neither, in France, it is quite heavy and obscure.

But I said that I would be interested in taking part in Open Source projects👨‍💻 once I judge I have fulfilled my top technical quests.

There is also teaching👩‍🏫 which seems a good way to build a better world, like with e-learning platform like Udemy where it is very easy to become an instructor.

And you, what path would you choose for your long term goal in software development?