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😁4️⃣2️⃣☕🍵 Uber Eat joke

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An Uber Eats delivery person rings the bell at a consulting company office. 🚪

The office manager opens the door to see a whole box of drinks. 😱

The delivery person says:

"Here's your order: 42 coffees."

The office manager exclaims:

"I will never pay for this!" 🙅♂️


The delivery person, shocked, asks:


The office manager replies calmly, 

"I ordered [*four tea * two coffee]." 🤣

🧠 Explanation:

The joke hinges on a humorous misunderstanding caused by the difference in pronunciation between the phrases "four tea" and "forty," and "two coffee" and "two coffees."

Here’s the breakdown:

1. Setup: An Uber Eats delivery person arrives at a consulting company's office with a large order.

2. Surprise Element: The office manager is shocked to see a box containing 42 coffees.

3. Conflict: The manager immediately rejects the idea of paying for such a large order.

4. Delivery Person's Reaction: The delivery person is outraged, likely thinking the manager is trying to back out of a legitimate order.

5. Punchline: The office manager clarifies the order, saying they had ordered "four tea" and "two coffee." 

The key to the joke is that "four tea" (4 tea) sounds like "forty" and "two coffee" sounds like "two coffees." The delivery person misheard the order as 42 coffees instead of the intended 4 teas and 2 coffees. This phonetic play creates the humorous situation where a simple order of six beverages is misunderstood as a much larger and absurdly excessive one.