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25 lovely things about Java

JetBrains loves all programming languages, and developers of all types! This May, Java turns 25 years old! Let's pay it special attention, and celebrate 25 lovely things about Java and the JVM.

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  1. Backwards Compatibility 
  2. Maturity 
  3. Constant Improvement 
  4. Balance 
  5. Standards 
  6. Write Once Run Anywhere 
  7. Performance 
  8. Memory Management and Garbage Collection 
  9. Observability and Management 
  10. The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) 
  11. Other JVM Languages 
  12. Libraries and Frameworks 
  13. Build Tools and Dependency Management 
  14. JUnit and Automated Testing 
  15. IDEs 
  16. CommunitY
  17. People 
  18. Javadoc and Documentation 
  19. Open Source 
  20. Free 
  21. Object-Oriented 
  22. Evolution and Adaptation 
  23. Focus on Readability 
  24. Language Features 
  25. The Future
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