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2022 State of the Java by New Relic

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1) Java 11 is the new standard 🆕

Java 11 is the new standard !!

More than 48% of applications are now using java 11 in production.

Java 6 is no longer supported.

2) Java 14 is the most popular non-LTS version 🔥

3) Oracle popularity is shrinking, Amazon is on the rise 📉

In 2020, Oracle was the most popular vendor, comprising roughly 75% of the Java market. While they retain the top spot, their share is half what it was. Amazon has climbed dramatically to 22% of the market (up from 2.18% in 2020).

4) Containers run everything around us 📦

More than 70% of Java applications reporting to New Relic do so from a container.

5) Garbage in, garbage out 🗑️

G1 garbage collector is the clear favorite for those who’ve left Java 8 behind.

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