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2021 SUMMER BREAK, THE OUTCOME: expectations versus reality

· self-promo

Days off are over, time to check the outcome !

―read:📚 ✔

(some chapters of Clean Coder by Robert C. Martin)

―study:👨‍🏫 ✔

(GraphQL, Data Science, Kafka, Java Optional, Java licensing, Features since Java8, refactoring, Flutter, DevOps MOOC)

―exercise:🏀 ✔


―go to the dentist:👨‍⚕️ ✔

―finish viewing Java Champion conference talks:🎬 ⏸

(Still 10 talks to watch)

―read the Java magazine:☕ ❌

―do some paperwork:📃📃 ⏸

―check on family (nephews, brothers, parents, grand-mother):♥ ✔

I did 75% of what I committed to.

It was a productive summer break.