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10 traits of a great code reviewer:

· programmmer

1️⃣ They're kind☺️. They comment on the code, not the person.

2️⃣ They catch flaws 🪝— within the diff, and within affected components.

3️⃣ They have high standards for code readability 📖. They nitpick.

4️⃣ They're pragmatic 🎬, not a perfectionist.

5️⃣ They provide a "reason why 💡 for every piece of feedback. Even nitpicks.

6️⃣ They recommend a solution for flaws they find 🕵️♀️. Or they ask a question, encouraging the author to solve it on their own.

7️⃣ They don't block for minutiae 🆒, especially in urgent situations.

8️⃣ They don't comment on style. They set up automated tools 🤖 to avoid these discussions.

9️⃣ They give genuine praise 👏 when the author teaches them something — but they don't overdo it.

🔟 They seek guidance from mentors 👨🏫 to determine if they're reviewing well.