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⚛️1️⃣9️⃣ React 19 NEW hooks coming soon

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⚛️1️⃣9️⃣ React 19 NEW hooks coming soon

1️⃣ use(Promise)

* suspend on it until it resolves.

* used for data fetching, and it will make it easier to build Single-page apps based on REST or GraphQL APIs.

2️⃣ use(Context)

* like useContext, except it can be called within loops and conditional statements

3️⃣ Form Actions

* enables you to pass a function to the action prop of a 〈form〉

4️⃣ useFormState

* allow to access the return value of an action from the last time a form was submitted

5️⃣ useFormStatus

* lets you know if a parent 〈form〉 is currently submitting or has submitted

6️⃣ useOptimistic

* lets you optimistically update the user interface while an action is being submitted.


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