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⏰☕➖1️⃣0️⃣ Java 21 General Availability Release in 10 DAYS

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Java 21 will be released the 19 September 2023.

There are many interesting features and enhancements in Java 21 that might appeal to a developer. Some of the highlights are:

  • Virtual threads, which are JVM-managed lightweight threads that can execute millions of concurrent tasks using only a few operating system threads. Virtual threads simplify concurrent programming and improve performance and scalability.
  • String templates, which are a preview feature that allows embedding expressions in string literals, similar to other languages like Python or JavaScript. String templates can reduce the need for string concatenation and improve readability.
  • Unnamed classes and instance main methods, which are another preview feature that enables creating anonymous classes with a main method that can be executed directly. This can be useful for quick prototyping and testing of code snippets.
  • Record patterns, which are a new feature that enables pattern matching on record components in switch expressions and instanceof operators. Record patterns can eliminate the need for boilerplate code and enhance expressiveness.
  • Key encapsulation mechanism API, which is a new API that provides cryptographic operations for key encapsulation mechanisms (KEMs), which are used to securely exchange keys between parties. KEMs can improve the security and efficiency of key agreement protocols.

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